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Real estate has preoccupied my career and I am fascinated by every aspect of it. I love seeing unique buildings. I am interested in learning about amazing new materials and technologies. I follow the discussions about the art and science of planning. I marvel at the accomplishments of famous masters. There is so much to see and learn.

Lately, it is the intersection of real estate and the climate crisis that has most of my attention. I am very concerned for my grandchildren and the world in which they will grow up. Unless we change dramatically the way we live, work, and play, the planet will not be as temperate, bountiful, and diverse as we know it.

Therefore I am focusing a great deal of energy on the way that we use carbon-based fuels for housing, energy, food production, etc. I have launched "Reaching For Zero Ltd.", an organization dedicated to the mitigation of climate change through the reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG). The recently launched website discusses climate change, the climate crisis, the pyrolysis process, companies developing pyrolysis technology, and resources available on-line and in print.

Please go to : Education regarding climate change and its mitigation: Research regarding mitigation processes and technologies: Investigation of potential mitigation tools and processes: The initial emphasis is the pyrolysis of methane into energy and pure hydrogen (H2) and carbon (C).

I welcome your feedback ‐ Ian Marcil, Winnipeg

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