OSPAR Consulting Ltd.

Area of Focus...

The world of real estate is filled with many specialists - architects, attorneys, brokers, engineers, general contractors, planners, property managers, etc.

OSPAR provides a holistic consulting service to owners, developers, fiduciaries, and investors in all areas of the real estate industry. Ian Marcil, Principal, has counselled government agencies, insurance companies, medical clinics, investment trust, health authority, credit union central, land developers, mortgage lenders, etc. He has provided key reports for lawsuits, investment decisions, facilities solutions, etc.

Company Profile...

The name OSPAR is an acronym for "Operational Strategic Planning and Research". Consulting is a process of discovery, research, analysis, synthesis, discussion, and reporting.

The consulting process is straightforward, and the process is transferable to locations, industries, and assignments. OSPAR's clients often have the knowledge to handle the assignments themselves, but do not have the time or manpower. OSPAR is the vehicle that solves the problem of a company's limited resources.

OSPAR Consulting is managed with a strong belief in fiduciary responsibility to clients and their investments with a team-oriented, mentor management style.

Its principal, Ian R. Marcil, has a proven record of accurate forecasts, pro-active market calls, and reduced risk based on an empirical, analytical, innovative approach.

With more than forty years of broad in-the-field, consulting, and management background across Canada and the United States, OSPAR has the knowledge, program, and contacts to provide effective, practical, and coherent deliverables that fulfill clients' requirements.

When called for, OSPAR has working relationships with other companies and individuals that can be brought to bear to complete even the largest assignments.

Typical Assignments...

Consulting assignments include business plans, project management, strategic & operational research & planning, computer models, project development, commercial construction, residential subdivision, and resort development.

Management assignments include portfolio management, portfolio valuation, client communications, regulatory compliance, risk reduction techniques, applied research.


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